All I wanted was a back rub Maternity Shirt


L / Baby blueL / BlueL / LavenderL / Lime GreenL / Mint GreenL / PinkM / Baby blueM / BlueM / LavenderM / Lime GreenM / Mint GreenM / PinkS / Baby blueS / BlueS / LavenderS / Lime GreenS / Mint GreenS / PinkXL / Baby blueXL / BlueXL / LavenderXL / Lime GreenXL / Mint GreenXL / PinkXXL / Baby blueXXL / BlueXXL / LavenderXXL / Lime GreenXXL / Mint GreenXXL / Pink
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This listing is for a maternity style tshirt that is super cute for the mom to be! The shirt has the phrase “ALL I WANTED WAS A BACK RUB” on the front across the chest. The bottom left of the shirt has little feet in the color the represents the sex of the baby. If you don’t know the sex you can select gender neutral colors (yellow/green) or you can pick black. Cute and hilarious at the same time.

The shirt used is a true maternity shirt. They run true to size but if ever in doubt I always recommend sizing up.


Item Specs:

  • Maternity ladies fit
  • Fits true to size

Garment Care

  • Machine wash cold water
  • Tumble dry


Additional information


L / Baby blue, L / Blue, L / Lavender, L / Lime Green, L / Mint Green, L / Pink, M / Baby blue, M / Blue, M / Lavender, M / Lime Green, M / Mint Green, M / Pink, S / Baby blue, S / Blue, S / Lavender, S / Lime Green, S / Mint Green, S / Pink, XL / Baby blue, XL / Blue, XL / Lavender, XL / Lime Green, XL / Mint Green, XL / Pink, XXL / Baby blue, XXL / Blue, XXL / Lavender, XXL / Lime Green, XXL / Mint Green, XXL / Pink


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