Dimples Tee


12 Month Onesie / Miss. Dimples12 Month Onesie / Mr. Dimples12 Month Te / Miss. Dimples12 Month Te / Mr. Dimples18 Month Tee / Miss. Dimples18 Month Tee / Mr. Dimples24 Month Tee / Miss. Dimples24 Month Tee / Mr. Dimples2T / Miss. Dimples2T / Mr. Dimples3T / Miss. Dimples3T / Mr. Dimples4T / Miss. Dimples4T / Mr. Dimples5T / Miss. Dimples5T / Mr. Dimples6 Month Onesie / Miss. Dimples6 Month Onesie / Mr. Dimples6 Month Tee / Miss. Dimples6 Month Tee / Mr. DimplesNewborn / Miss. DimplesNewborn / Mr. DimplesYouth Large / Miss. DimplesYouth Large / Mr. DimplesYouth Medium / Miss. DimplesYouth Medium / Mr. DimplesYouth Small / Miss. DimplesYouth Small / Mr. DimplesYouth Xlarge / Miss. DimplesYouth Xlarge / Mr. Dimples
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Do you have a dimpled cutie? Do their dimples tend to get them out of trouble or get them whatever they want?! Then this tee will be perfect for him/her!! Available as Mr. or Miss. Dimples!!! Design color will be black or white and you can select from several different tee colors!! Perfect for play dates, daycare and more! 


Item Specs:

  • Unisex kids tee 
  • Fits true to size

Garment Care

  • Machine wash cold water
  • Tumble dry

Turn around time is currently 7 to 10 business days. This time does not include holidays or in transit time for shipping.

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12 Month Onesie / Miss. Dimples, 12 Month Onesie / Mr. Dimples, 12 Month Te / Miss. Dimples, 12 Month Te / Mr. Dimples, 18 Month Tee / Miss. Dimples, 18 Month Tee / Mr. Dimples, 24 Month Tee / Miss. Dimples, 24 Month Tee / Mr. Dimples, 2T / Miss. Dimples, 2T / Mr. Dimples, 3T / Miss. Dimples, 3T / Mr. Dimples, 4T / Miss. Dimples, 4T / Mr. Dimples, 5T / Miss. Dimples, 5T / Mr. Dimples, 6 Month Onesie / Miss. Dimples, 6 Month Onesie / Mr. Dimples, 6 Month Tee / Miss. Dimples, 6 Month Tee / Mr. Dimples, Newborn / Miss. Dimples, Newborn / Mr. Dimples, Youth Large / Miss. Dimples, Youth Large / Mr. Dimples, Youth Medium / Miss. Dimples, Youth Medium / Mr. Dimples, Youth Small / Miss. Dimples, Youth Small / Mr. Dimples, Youth Xlarge / Miss. Dimples, Youth Xlarge / Mr. Dimples


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