Freezer Pop Holder With Sayings


Blue / Can't Touch ThisBlue / Hands Off!!Blue / Ice Ice BabyBlue / This One Is Mine!Hot Pink / Can't Touch ThisHot Pink / Hands Off!!Hot Pink / Ice Ice BabyHot Pink / This One Is Mine!Lime / Can't Touch ThisLime / Hands Off!!Lime / Ice Ice BabyLime / This One Is Mine!Orange / Can't Touch ThisOrange / Hands Off!!Orange / Ice Ice BabyOrange / This One Is Mine!Purple / Can't Touch ThisPurple / Hands Off!!Purple / Ice Ice BabyPurple / This One Is Mine!Red / Can't Touch ThisRed / Hands Off!!Red / Ice Ice BabyRed / This One Is Mine!
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Tired of wrapping the little ones freezer pops in paper towels? Well, we have you covered! We are bringing you these fabulous freezer pop insulators. 

Simply slide the freezer pop in and you are set. Fits most freezer pops and gogurts. No more freezing hands.

Approx 6″ x 1.5″

Add the color for the design in the box labeled “NOTES ABOUT YOUR ORDER”. 

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Blue / Can't Touch This, Blue / Hands Off!!, Blue / Ice Ice Baby, Blue / This One Is Mine!, Hot Pink / Can't Touch This, Hot Pink / Hands Off!!, Hot Pink / Ice Ice Baby, Hot Pink / This One Is Mine!, Lime / Can't Touch This, Lime / Hands Off!!, Lime / Ice Ice Baby, Lime / This One Is Mine!, Orange / Can't Touch This, Orange / Hands Off!!, Orange / Ice Ice Baby, Orange / This One Is Mine!, Purple / Can't Touch This, Purple / Hands Off!!, Purple / Ice Ice Baby, Purple / This One Is Mine!, Red / Can't Touch This, Red / Hands Off!!, Red / Ice Ice Baby, Red / This One Is Mine!


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